Our Services

D. W. Hammer & Company will:

  • Explain the sales process to you and assist you in establishing your sales objectives
  • Conduct an initial examination of your company's financial statements and business records
  • Prepare a package describing your business for distribution to interested prospects
  • Identify and analyze prospective buyers
  • Protect your business through implementation of confidentiality agreements with possible buyers prior to identifying your company as a prospective seller
  • Negotiate deal structures and explain tax effects
  • Analyze letters of intent
  • Keep you informed about where you are in the sales process and the actual and predicted issues for your consideration as well as anticipate the future direction of that sales process
  • Review the due diligence checklists of the various prospective buyers, collect the requested information from you and your employees and compile the results into consistent responses to buyer inquiries
  • Identify and resolve potential problems uncovered in buyer due diligence
  • Coordinate the activities of your CPAs and attorneys as their services are needed
  • Review the proposed definitive agreement, summarize the relevant business points and propose alternatives
  • Prepare disclosure schedules called for by the definitive agreement
  • Attend your directors' and shareholders' meetings to explain the sale and respond to questions
  • Be present at closing to deal with last minute difficulties