Transaction History

For confidentiality reasons, the complete list of transactions concluded by David Hammer may only be accessed by requesting login information. To do so, please email David Hammer at Login information will be provided by return e-mail. 

Client Principal Seller Buyer
Jay Rodgers Healthcare Staff Resources, Inc. Lifetime Corporation (NYSE)
Jim Buzbee Industrial Technology, Inc. Textron Corporation (NYSE)
Greg Bernstein Global Outdoor Services Global Outdoor Services (Newco)
Rex Kurzius Resulte Universal, Ltd. Spherion Corporation (NYSE)
Greg Aslinger Uniflight, Ltd. Uniflight, LLC (Newco)/Joe Hawke
Tony Hartl Planet Tan Management I, LLC Palm Beach Tan, Inc.
Jim Atrell Nortex Modular Leasing Black Diamond Group
Jim Hopps Medical Advocacy Services PatientMatters, LLC
Dennis Hilderbrandt Fortress Solutions, Ltd. Kosse Partners I, LLC
David Casey Westron Communications, Inc. Peak Methods, Inc.
Dennis Nauslar ADS Consulting Corporation Virtual Fleet Supervisor, LLC
Rex Kurzius Timberhorn, LLC Ettain Group, Inc.